Thursday, 10 July 2008

Dunfyboy's Beastie Boys Mix

Download from MediaFire.

I recorded a few hip hop mixes to my PC last year and as they were among the first I recorded I really should get round to posting them here but, in typical Dunfyboy fashion, I'll post a mix I've just recorded first :) It's another artist mix, this time 3 of New York's finest - the Beastie Boys.

Most people will only know them from "Fight For Your Right" or "Intergalactic" but there's a lot more to them than that. They wouldn't have lasted over 20 years if that was all they had. Some people don't like them because they tend to be a bit shouty, they don't take themselves (or hip hop) too seriously or because they just can't get their heads around white, middle class jews rapping, but it turns out these people are arseholes.

The art is based on the Tibetan flag. The Beasties have long been supporters of Free Tibet and with the upcoming Olympics it's an issue that's on the front pages again. Wow, a bit of politics on the Dunfyboy blog! Took a little while to do as I had to get the white "mountain" layered behind the hands.It looked like a bit of hand job action was going on otherwise.

Anyway, here's the mix. There were plenty of good tunes that didn't make the cut. I ruled out their instrumental tracks and tunes from associated projects (so no Mix Master Mike or Country Mike) and I still struggled to get the mix under 80 minutes.

Remember to leave a comment about an evil superpower invading a smaller country. No, hang on, that's America I'm thinking of.


01 - Fight For Your Right
02 - She's On It
03 - Gratitude
04 - Sabotage
05 - Pass The Mic
06 - Slow & Low
07 - So What'cha Want
08 - Do It
09 - Car Thief
10 - Professor Booty
11 - An Open Letter to NYC
12 - Remote Control
13 - Three MC's & One DJ
14 - Hold It Now Hit It
15 - Skills To Pay The Bills
16 - No Sleep Till Brooklyn
17 - She's Crafty
18 - Time To Get Ill
19 - Unite
20 - Song For The Man
21 - Sure Shot
22 - The New Style
23 - Jimmy James
24 - The Move
25 - Body Movin'
26 - Shadrach Beastie Boys
27 - The Negotiation Limerick File
28 - Alive
29 - Right Right Now Now
30 - Hey Ladies
31 - Super Disco Breakin'
32 - Shake Your Rump
33 - Intergalactic
34 - Triple Trouble
35 - Ch-Check It Out
36 - Brass Monkey
37 - All Lifestyles
38 - We Got The

As a little bonus, here's the video to "Sabotage"

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