Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Dunfyboy's DJ Shadow Mix

Download from MediaFire.

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?

When I posted my Nightshift Mix I mentioned it was intended to be a DJ Shadow mix. It started of well but after just 3 tracks DJ Vadim crept in, then Hexstatic, then Depth Charge. You get the idea. So, here, at last, is my DJ Shadow mix.

This mix has a bit of everything - early Mo' Wax head-nodders from "Entroducing" and "Preemtive Strike", more rap (& guitar?!?) orientated stuff from "The Private Press" and "The Outsider" and, of course, a tune or three from his collabaration with James Lavelle on UNKLE's "Psyence Fiction " . There's the dance-floor freindly remix of "Six Days" from Soulwax and Shadow's own remix of Eric B & Rakim's "Let The Rhythm Hit Em". Even Shadow's live version of "Organ Donor" from "Live! In Tune And On Time".

Enjoy. I know you will.

01 - Building Steam With a Grain of Salt
02 - Midnight in a Perfect World
03 - Midnight in A Perfect World (Gab Mix)
04 - Six Days
05 - Mashin' On The Motorway
06 - Walkie Talkie (Extended Radio Edit)
07 - Six Days (Remix)
08 - Lonely Soul
09 - Guns Blazing - Drums Of Death Part 1
10 - Entropy B - Count and Estimate
11 - This Time
12 - Entropy A - The Third Decade, Our Move
13 - 3 Freaks
14 - Six Days (Soulwax Mix)
15 - Enuff
16 - The Number Song (Cut Chemist Party Mix)
17 - ...Meets His Maker
18 - Stem (Cops 'n' Robbers Mix)
19 - Organ Donor
20 - Let The Rhythm Hit Em (DJ Shadow Rmx)
21 - Organ Donor (Live)
22 - Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)
23 - Blood on the Motorway
24 - GDMFSOB (U.N.K.L.E. Uncensored)
25 - High Noon
26 - Main Title Theme
27 - Backstage Girl
28 - Broken Levee Blues
29 - You Made It

Keep spreading the word!

PS - Good to see lots of traffic from www.solesides.com - be sure to check out my other mixes. Over 50 mixes, all different styles so there's bound to be something for you.


the3rd said...

I got here via Pearson Towers. Thanks for being ambitious and creating stuff like this for lazy ADD people like me. I got a bunch of mixes I've abandoned on my HD.

mayzie said...

cheers mate, this mix is going straight onto the ipod we use at the pub I work at, need to educate the young uns there who listen to too much commercial garbage.