Sunday, 15 February 2009

Western Digital suck balls

Well, it wasn't the enclosure, it was the hard disc itself that was the problem.

I installed it in a new enclosure and managed to get Vista to recognise it (XP still won't have anything to do with it). I've managed to rescue most of my music, but I reckon about 100 gigs is gone, never to be seen again. Thanks a fucking bunch WD.

This is obviously going to have an impact on upcoming mixes - uploading isn't going to happen as frequently as I'd like. But, at least the site will continue. Yes, is (kinda) working again.

I received an email towards the end of the year from First Beat Media, the company that owns They asked me to become a Mod on the forum and contact the techs when a problem cropped up. I've no great intentions of doing all the Moddy stuff (and the forums aren't really busy enough to warrant it anyway) but at least the techs will now know when there are problems with the site.

Nice to have some good news for a change.