Monday, 18 January 2010

Dunfyboy - Trance 8

MediaFire link here.

It's over a year since I did a trance mix and after hearing Mediterranean Flower on the Horizon Radio podcast I meant to include it in Trance 7. I'll admit I don't keep up with trance music like I used to, so I checked out some new releases on Trance Junkies meaning most of this mix is fairly new stuff, along with a couple of tunes from the turn of the decade (last time round) and that long overdue appearance of Mediterranean Flower.

Bit of a news update too. My previous mixes have all been at 128kbps. This one is 192kpbs. It means it should sound a bit better when you crank the volume up and at around 100mb it doesn't make the file too large.

Also, in case you haven't noticed the link over on the right, I've set up another blog - Old School Mixes. I've still to sort out the site layout but all my CD rips of old school dance mixes are up so head over there for a bit of nostalgia.

01 - Cramped - Joint Operation Centre
02 - Infinite (Original Mix) - Push
03 - Mediterranean Flower - Sunlounger
04 - Phoenix - Daniel Heatcliff
05 - Shotokan (Original Mix) - Ashley Wallbridge
06 - Fin Power - Mr Pit & Jochen Miller
07 - Between Us (Club Mix) - Smart Apes
08 - Zegema Beach (Skytech Remix) - Space Rockerz
09 - Anjuna Beach (Original Mix) - Above & Beyond
10 - The World (Moon Man Remix) - Pulp Victim
11 - Gamemaster - Matt Darey pres Lost Tribe
12 - Explosion (Original Mix) - Chus Liberata vs Fred Baker
13 - Air Guitar - Breakfast
14 - Beirut (Xgenic Remix) - John Askew
15 - Terra Australis (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix) - Talla 2XLC ft Skysurfer
16 - Reality (Magesky Remix) - Dave & Oliver
17 - Locked Tight (Thilo & Evanti's Under The Knife Remix) - Organ Donors
18 - M4CH1N3 (Original Mix) - BRK3
19 - Blackout (Luca Antolini's Under The Knife Remix) - Organ Donors