Friday, 4 July 2014

Dunfy's Harfloor Mix

I thought I'd do a 4 on the floor mix featuring everyone's favourite German knob twiddlers as a break from all those samba and bossa nova compilations that are doing the rounds because the World Cup is in Brazil :)

During upload, I noticed Mixcloud's message at the bottom of the page "You have more than 3 tracks by the same artist - this upload may be disabled for listeners in the USA". It must be great living in the land of the free.

01 Skill Shot
02 Two Guys Three Boxes
03 Swag My Glitch
04 T 2 Da C (Tribute)
05 Who You Gonna Call
06 TB Continued
07 Analogue Bubbletea
08 The Return Of The Analog Multichrist
09 The Question Remains
10 The Trill Acid Theme
11 Acperience One
12 Fever Called Love (Hardfloor Remix) - Rising High Collective
13 Melorec
14 The Art Of Acid
15 Silver Submarine
16 Trancescript
17 Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix) - Robert Armani
18 Once Again Back
19 Tweakend
20 Dog In The Manger
21 Hardfloor Will Survive (Club Mix) ft Phuture 303
22 Blue Monday (Hardfloor Remix) - New Order
23 Reverberate Opinion
24 ... Me, Three
25 So What
26 Mahogany Roots
27 Lost In The Silver Box
28 Strikeout
29 ... Me Too
30 Fish n Chips
31 Confuss