Sunday, 29 June 2008

Dunfyboy's Chemical Brothers Mix

Download from MediaFire.

I'm sure there's quite afew people who have done a mix of their favourite Chemical Brothers tunes. Here's mine. Like my Fatboy Slim mix, I knocked this up a while ago and, as I wasn't that keen on the last album, I never bothered to update it.

I remember hearing the Chems on Tom Wilson's Bonus Beats radio show back in the mid 90s (they may have even still been called The Dust Brothers at the time) and I just thought "WTF is this?" Their sound was so different from anything else I'd heard. Obviously, I really thought "What the fuck is this?" because back then I didn't know WTF "WTF" stood for :) There seemed to be new, fresh sound revolutions happening all the time back then. Am I getting old or was music better back then? God, I sound like my dad.

Anyway, enjoy, and comments please.

1. Where Do I Begin
2. Leave Home
3. Music: Response
4. Block Rockin' Beats
5. Come With Us
6. Block Rockin' Beats (Micronauts Remix)
7. In Dust We Trust
8. Chemical Beats
9. Three Little Birdies Down Beats
10. Life Is Sweet
11. Morning Lemon
12. Let Forever Be
13. Get Up On It Like This
14. Hey Boy Hey Girl
15. Elektrobank
16. Setting Sun
17. Electronic Battle Weapon 6
18. My Elastic Eye
19. Surface To Air
20. The Golden Path
21. It Began In Afrika
22. Believe
23. Star Guitar
24. Get Youself High
25. The Private Psychedelic Reel

PS, the keen eyed among you may have spotted that's not the real periodic table, it's the Tasty Table T-shirt design by Kenny Wheeler. Check it out on Threadless.

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