Sunday, 29 June 2008

Dunfyboy's Big Four-Oh Mix parts 1 & 2

Download part 1 from MediaFire.
Download part 2 from MediaFire.
The plan was to make this my longest mix yet on, but...

With my 40th mix coming up I wanted to do something a little special so I made a double length mix, clocking in at a little under 2 hours 39 minutes (or 2 CDs worth for the old farts out there). The problem (I've just found out) is that MyPodcast only allows podcasts up to 2 hours long. Really should have read that FAQ when I joined up, eh?

Anyway, I've split the mix into 2 so at least you can put it on CDs if you want. This is podcast 39, part 2 will be the actual 40th podcast. If you want to join the files, overlay the last 8 bars of part 1 with the first 8 bars of part 2 (it's in the middle of "Just A Feeling"). I was going to stick the whole thing as a one-er on Rapidshare or MegaUpload and mail a link to anyone who left a email address in the comments, but as nobody (except Dave, cheers mate) ever leaves comments, fuck it, you'll have to do it yourself.

I've posted a few of my old school breakbeat mixes here before. There were the Kniteforce and Impact label mixes along with my Old School Classics mix and a couple of my other old school mixes have had the odd breakbeat hardcore track.

A couple of the tracks from this mix may have appeared elsewhere but where this has happened I've used a different mix or remix this time round, so no "doublers" here.

The mix starts of at 128bpm and builds steadily to 161bpm. It's around 142 by the split at track 29.


Part 1
01. Let's Do It - Carl Cox
02. Protien (Get Stuck In Mix) - Sonic Experience
03. 2 Bad Mice - 2 Bad Mice
04. DJs Take Control - SL2
05. Drum Trip - 2 Bad Mice
06. Frequency - Altern 8
07. Activ-8 - Altern 8
08. Hardcore Heaven - DJ Seduction
09. Hypnotic St-8 - Altern 8
10. Brutal-8-E - Altern 8
11. 20 Seconds To Comply - Silver Bullet
12. Closer To All Your Dreams (Hybrid Mix) - Rhythm Quest
13. Rockin' Down The House - M17
14. Get Down (Hands In The Air Mix) - M-D-Emm
15. Do It Now - Urban Shakedown
16. Take Me (The Prodigy Mix) - Dream Frequency ft Debbie Sharp
17. There Is No Law - Messiah
18. Armageddon - Altern 8
19. Time To Get Ill - 4 Hero
20. Way In My Brain - SL2
21. Volume 1 - DJ's Unite
22. Cooking Up Yah Brain - 4 Hero
23. Where's The Boy (Trial By Ecstasy) - 4 Hero
24. Ecstacy Take You - Blame
25. The Trumpton Remix - Urban Hype
26. Bad Boy - Mad Ragga John
27. Vengeance - DMS
28. On A Ragga Tip - SL2
29. Just A Feeling - Terrorize

Part 2
29. Just A Feeling - Terrorize
30. The Dream - Urban Hype
31. DJ Business - Mystery Man
32. This Piano Track - Blame
33. Breakdown - Marc Smith
34. This Sound Is For The Underground (E5 Remix) - Krome & Time
35. Rumblism - Serotonin
36. Hardcore Junglism (Remix) - Manix
37. Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix) - Urban Shakedown
38. Dreams EP Side A - DJ KP
39. Life (Original Boogie Times Version) - D'Cruze ft Rachel Wallace
40. Your Love (Remix) - The Prodigy
41. Feel The Energy (4 Hero Remix) - Blame
42. Dramatical Style - Serotonin
43. Illegal Subs (Krome & Time Remix) - 2 Bad Mice
44. Trip II The Moon (The Darkside) - Acen
45. Dreams EP Side B1 - DJ KP
46. Edge Of Madness (Sublove Remix) - Luna C
47. Funky Hardcore (DJ Hype Remix) - Q-Bass
48. Weird Energy - DJ Hype
49. Bust That Groove - Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era
50. Window In The Sky (Kingdom Of Light Mix) - Acen
51. Survival - Noise Factory


Anonymous said...

Hey man, great job, great mixes, thanks and keep up the splendiferous work. Especially like the more eclectic 'something different' type rock!

souffle666 said...

have been tryin to download this for ages but as you know the podcast was pants, well worth the wait cheers

Anonymous said...

HI mate any chance you can reup this?