Sunday, 29 June 2008

Dunfyboy's Something A Little Different Mix

Download from MediaFire.

This mix came about after I was messing about with some old indie stuff (Stone Roses, The Soup Dragons, Primal Scream, Beats International) and grew from there.

It kind of goes all over the place but I quite like that. I'm particularly happy getting Magik Roundabout's "Everlasting Day" into a mix as it was a real favourite of mine back in the day, a great feel-good summer tune. Its cover is the basis for the artwork for this mix. I'm also pleased getting Jimi into a mix and I really like the way "Son Of A Preacher Man" mixes into "For What It's Worth". The "Springfield Effect", I guess you could call it. Simple things please simple minds.

Apologies for the obvious mixes ("He Got Game" into "For What It's Worth", 2 versions of "No Woman, No Cry") but at least I managed to avoid "Hits From The Bong" after "Son Of A Preacher Man".

You might recognise "Heartbeats" by José González from the Sony Bravia advert with the bouncing balls. It's mixed into 2 Deep's "Life Party". It was used in a Reebok advert in 1991/92. It's the one with a white line across the screen. It gets hurdled over, then it's a lane marker in a sprint, then it's the bar for the high jump, then it's the finishing tape in a race or something like that. I haven't explained it very well (and no one I know remembers it) but if you saw it all those years ago you would know what I'm on about.

Anyway, download, sit back and enjoy.

01 - Loopdreams - Aim
02 - Tom's Diner - Suzanne Vega
03 - Together - William Shatner
04 - Oh Pudding - Bushy
05 - Waterfall (Oakenfold & Osborne Remix) - Stone Roses
06 - I'm Free - The Soup Dragons
07 - Dub Be Good To Me - Beats International
08 - Eple - Royksopp
09 - Sunshine On A Rainy Day - Zoe
10 - Everlasting Day - Magik Roundabout
11 - Remember Me - Blueboy
12 - Loaded - Primal Scream
13 - Can I Kick It? - A Tribe Called Quest
14 - Heartbeats - José González
15 - Life Party - 2 Deep
16 - The Staunton Lick - Lemon Jelly
17 - Music For A Found Harmonium - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
18- All I Need - Air
19 - He Got Game - Public Enemy
20 - For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
21 - Son Of A Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield
22 - Where Is The Love? - Black Eyed Peas
23 - No Woman, No Cry - The Fugees
24 - No Woman, No Cry - Bob Marley & The Wailers
25 - The Weekend Starts Here - Fatboy Slim
26 - Little Britain - Dreadzone
27 - At The River - Groove Armada
28 - Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix


Found that old Reebok ad on Daily Motion. At least I know I wasn't just imagining it all :)

Reebok advert
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Anonymous said...

Hi There!

Loving the mix!

Wish it was in better bitrate though, but heey, we can't have everything :-)

Abe Twist

skinnypete said...

perfect for my wedding!

dunfyboy said...

First the engagement ring, then the wedding ring, then the suffering :)

All the best for your big day.