Sunday, 29 June 2008

Dunfyboy's Drum & Bass Mix

Download from MediaFire.

Worst mix ever.

No, not really, but it's been a pain in the arse.

You know what it's like, I'm sure it's happened to everyone; you finish a mix just before you go abroad to watch your footy team get humped by a 2nd division Swedish outfit in a UEFA cup qualifier. "I'll write down the tracklist when I get back. It'll still be fresh in my mind". Bollocks you will. 9 months later you decide to post the mix to your podcast and think "Shit! No tracklist!". So, having spent this morning swearing a lot, and this afternoon listening to hundreds of tunes and going "No, that's not it" or "That's the right tune, but not the right mix", here it is, complete with the fucking tracklist.

Hope it was worth the effort.

I've never been a huge fan of Jungle or Drum & Bass, but a lot of rave and early hardcore tracks had jungle elements in them so there's always been some I liked. It seemed to me that most jungle producers & DJs seemed to concentrate so hard on the breakbeat they forgot to put a decent tune in there too. Anyway, mid-nineties I gave up on D&B and stuck to hardcore & happy hardcore, but always sort of drifted back every once in a while, like in 1998 when I heard "Walk This Land" on "Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels", DJ Marky & XRS's version of "Carolina Carol Bela" in 2002, or when Pendulum released "Hold Your Colour" in 2005.

So, here it is. Some tunes from way back, some more up to date.


01 - Drum Trip II - Kaotic Chemistry
02 - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Take You) - Blame
03 - Here Comes The Drumz - Doc Scott
04 - Inner City Life - Goldie
05 - Mixrace Outta Hand - Mixrace
06 - Champion Sound (Alliance Remix) - Q Sound
07 - Super Sharp Shooter - Ganja Kru
08 - Mister Kirk (Jungle Mix) - 4 Hero
09 - In Da Hood - Remarc
10 - Addicted To Bass (Apollo 440 Mix) - Puretone
11 - Jungle Brother (Urban Takeover Remix) - Jungle Brothers
12 - Coded Language - Krust
13 - Tough At the Top - E-Z Rollers
14 - Walk This Land ('99 Mix) - E-Z Rollers
15 - Led - Technical Itch
16 - Another Planet - Pendulum
17 - Tarantula - Pendulum ft Fresh, $tyla & Tenor Fly
18 - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) - The Prodigy
19 - Boom Blast (John B Remix) - Freestylers
20 - LK - DJ Marky & KRS
21 - Get A Life (Roni Size Remix) - Freestylers
22 - What? - Cold Fusion meets DJ Vin Roc
23 - Shake Ur Body (Original Mix) - Shy FX & T Power ft Di
24 - You've Got The Love (Hold Tight Remix) - Candi Staton
25 - Cops Don't Like Us - E-Z Rollers
26 - RS2000 - E-Z Rollers

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