Sunday, 29 June 2008

Dunfyboy's Trance Mix #1

Download from MediaFire.

Or "Trance Mix #2" if you count my Platipus mix. Which I don't (cos I can't be bothered renaming the source mp3s and the artworks already done). Maybe I should have saved my Platipus mix til the end.

Anyway, first of 5 trance mixes for you, no "all-by-the-same-artist" or "just-one-label" nonsense, just quality trance tracks. This mix features some newer tracks and some newer remixes of tracks from the late 90s and early 00s.

The majority of my trance stuff is late 90s/early 00s but the odd new track creeps in ocassionaly and some really are old school (especially so in Mix #2).


01 - The First Rebirth (Airwave Remix) - Jones & Stephenson
02 - Lethal Industry 2006 (Richard Durand Remix) - DJ Tiesto
03 - Monologue - Cor Fijneman
04 - Did I Dream (DJ Tiesto Remix) - Lost Witness
05 - Meet Her At The Love Parade Joachim Garraud Remix) - Da Hool
06 - Automanual - Marco V
07 - San Andreas - Miller vs Fijneman
08 - Endless Wave (Reversed Twister Mix) - Kamaya Painters
09 - Adagio For Strings (Phynn Remix) - DJ Tiesto
10 - Ligaya (Paul Van Dyk Remix) - Gouryella
11 - Out Of The Blue (Syfoon's Epic Remix) - System F
12 - Cafe Del Mar (Marco V Remix) - Energy 52
13 - Born Slippy (CJ Stone Remix) - Underworld

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