Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dunfyboy's Naughty Naughty Mix

Download from MediaFire.

I know, I know. I said I wasn't posting any more old school mixes for a while but I'm going to reinstall Windows and as I had a couple of old school mixes already recorded on my PC I thought I'd upload them first.

Besides, the last couple proved so popular (well, 4 people leaving coments is good going in these times of lurkers, leeches and ungrateful cunts), I thought you might like a couple more breakbeat hardcore/early happy hardcore/whatever the fuck you wanna call it mixes.

This one features the 11 Naughty Naughty bootleg 12"s that came out in 93/94. If you've never heard of them, they're basically unofficial happy hardcore remixes of dance tracks from the late 80s/early 90s.

Surprisingly, this is just the 2nd mix on the site with a constant tempo. This time, 160bpm.


01 - Naughty Naughty 1A (I Need Your Lovin - NRG)
02 - Naughty Naughty 2B (Meltdown - Quartz)
03 - Naughty Naughty 1B (20 Seconds To Comply - Silver Bullet)
04 - Naughty Naughty 2A (Rich In Paradise - FPI Project / Valley Of The Shadows - Origin Unknown)
05 - Naughty Naughty 3B (Sweet Harmony - Liquid)
06 - Naughty Naughty 4A (Definition Of Love - Kaos)
07 - Naughty Naughty 3A (Elevation [Move Your Body] - Xpansions)
08 - Naughty Naughty 4A (Give It Up - The Goodmen)
09 - Naughty Naughty 5A (Don't Go - Awesome 3 / Rock To The Max - Ellis Dee)
10 - Naughty Naughty 6B (Raise Me - Bizarre Inc / Searchin For My Rizla - Ratpack)
11 - Naughty Naughty 5B (Test Four - Sweet Exorcist)
12 - Naughty Naughty 6A (Chime - Orbital)
13 - Naughty Naughty 7B (Not Forgotten - Leftfield)
14 - Naughty Naughty 8A (Never Felt This Way - Jem 77)
15 - Naughty Naughty 7A (Where Love Lives - Alison Limerick / Take Me Away - True Faith)
16 - Naughty Naughty 8B (Indulge - Neal Howard)
17 - Naughty Naughty 9A (A Deeper Love - Aretha Franklin / Gonna Be Alright - Nookie)
18 - Naughty Naughty 10A (Voodoo Ray - A Guy Called Gerald / Feel Surreal - Feel Surreal)
19 - Naughty Naughty 9B (Rock To The Beat - Reese)
20 - Naughty Naughty 11A (Mentasm - Second Phase)
21 - Naughty Naughty 10A (Magic Feet - Mike Dunn / The Gonzo - Lost)
22 - Naughty Naughty 11B (French Kiss - Lil' Louis)


Anonymous said...

Thanks amte will give these a listen and get back to you, am playing now and seems to be the type of choonns I really enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Ch Ch Chooons!! Sweet bro, thanks for these, taking it back, back into time!


ramme57 said...

this is great thank you verry much.
i was loocking for this about 5 years. because in holland we dont have it.
greatz from holland.