Friday, 10 July 2009

Dunfyboy's High Contrast Mix

Download here.

I'm no huge fan of D&B but I dabble once in a while. I wanted to do a quick mix so I figured High Contrast was as good a target as any, especially as most of his tunes are the same tempo (173bpm, if you're interested). Makes it a bit easier. High Contrast's own tunes are pretty good, but it's his remixes that first brought him to my attention. So here's 26 tracks, some by him, some remixed by him, all jammed into a 80 minute mix by me.

It ends with his remix of MGMT's Time To Pretend which is, to say the least, fucking awesome. I've listened to it on a loop on more than one occasion. Even my girlfriend likes it. The only problem is, as it isn't an official release, the only way I could get hold of it was to strip the audio from a YouTube someone had posted where they had upped a recording of it getting played on Annie Mac's Mashup on Radio 1. It had Radio 1 idents and Annie talking to High Contrast over it so I had to re-edit it. To save you the trouble, I've included a stand alone copy of my re-edited version in the zip file. It clips a little, but unless someone has a better version it's probably as good as you'll get.

01 - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Vocal Mix) - Adele
02 - Made It Last Night - High Contrast
03 - Lovesick - High Contrast
04 - This Feeling (High Contrast Ultramaximised Disco Dub Mix) - Blue Sonix
05 - It's Too Late (High Contrast) - The Streets
06 - No More (High Contrast Remix) - Roni Size ft Beverly Knight & Dynamite MC
07 - Most Precious Love (High Contrast Vocal Mix) - Blaze
08 - If We Ever - High Contrast
09 - Has It Come To This (High Contrast's It's Come To This Mix) - The Streets
10 - In A Gadda Da Vida - High Contrast
11 - Everything's Different - High Contrast
12 - Make It Tonight - High Contrast
13 - Racing Green - High Contrast
14 - Pink Flamingos - High Contrast
15 - Seven Notes In Black - High Contrast
16 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - High Contrast
17 - Tutti Frutti - High Contrast
18 - Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix) - Omni Trio
19 - I Found U (High Contrast Oldskool Revenge Mix) - Axwell ft Max C
20 - Eternal Optimist - High Contrast
21 - The Basement Track (High Contrast's Upstairs Downstairs Mix) - High Contrast
22 - 3AM - MIST vs High Contrast
23 - Something Good 2008 (High Contrast Mix) - Utah Saints
24 - Papua New Guinea (High Contrast Remix) - Future Sound Of London
25 - Super Hero (High Contrast Mix) - The House Crew
26 - Time To Pretend (High Contrast Remix)(Dunfyboy Re-Edit) - MGMT


elmouse said...

I've found your blog just right now, and downloaded some of your mixes. They are great! Thanks!

offtapsucker said...

Love it!!
Cant get enough of the MGMT remix

kynky said...

have to say this is a pretty decent mix.

Spent an age going through the old skool mixes on your other blog. Seems we pretty much bought the same comps, just had to dl some that i had on tape instead of CD.