Friday, 10 February 2012

Dunfyboy's Unkle Mix

I've been to see Lavelle twice and twice he was a no show. On one occasion we got our money back, the other Joey Beltram came on early, so not all bad then :)

01 No One Knows (Unkle Reconstruction) - Queens Of The Stone Age
02 Lonely Soul ft Richard Ashcroft
03 In A State (Total Science Vocal Mix)
04 Guns Blazing (Drums Of Death pt1)
05 Burn My Shadow ft Ian Astbury
06 Be There (Underdog Remix) ft Ian Brown
07 Be There ft Ian Brown
08 Chemistry
09 Rock On (95 Edit)
10 Restless ft Josh Homme
11 Narco Tourists (Original Mix) - Slam vs Unkle
12 Dolphins Were Monkeys (Unkle vs South Remix) - Ian Brown
13 Everything In Its Right Place (Unklesounds Edit) - Radiohead
14 Rabbit In Your Headlights (Unklesounds Edit) ft Thom Yorke
15 Tomorrow Never Knows (Unklesounds Edit) - The Beatles
16 Eye For An Eye
17 GDMFSOB (Unkle Uncensored) - DJ Shadow ft Roots Manuva
18 Hip Hop (Unkle Remix) - Dead Prez
19 Reign (Evil 9 Mix) ft Ian Brown
20 FEAR (Unkle Mix) - Ian Brown
21 Nursery Rhyme ft Badly Drawn Boy
22 UNKLE Main Title Theme
23 The Chain (Unklesounds Edit) - Fleetwood Mac
24 Free Fall (Unkle Remix) - Cornelius