Wednesday, 31 December 2008

End of year report 2008

First of all, stats for the year:

66 mixes uploaded to since January with 6315 downloads. Most popular mix is my DJ Shadow mix - 441 downloads - thanks to it getting a mention on and proving so popular on Thanks to all who have supported Dunfyboy's Mixes over the past year.

If you've had problems downloading from do perceviere. The site has storage and bandwidth issues. This caused a few to jump ship to However I learned today that Podongo will be closing tomorrow. Credit crunch and all that. I was thinking about leaving, but with one of it's main competitors going belly up, who knows.

Happy New Year to all, and thanks again.


*** edit ***

Just heard from Metrodorus, another MyPodcaster, that he'd been in touch with First Beat Media, the owners of, and they'd reassured him the site would continue. Good news.

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davew said...

Thanks for some great mixes in 2008, hope for more in 2009, assuming this credit crunch does not do all the podcast sites in.