Saturday, 24 July 2010

Podcast goes Bye Bye

I got an email from (the original host of my mixes) saying that they were taking my podcast down as I hadn't accessed it in a while. They took their time. I haven't posted anything there since 2008.

I visited their forum a couple of months ago and I saw from the comments that the site seems as unreliable as ever and people are still having issues uploading podcasts.

As the first 64 mixes on here were linked to their servers, I've upped them all to MegaUpload and updated the links on here. That's about 80 hours worth of music peeps. Took all week. Hope you appreciate it. 

I checked the download figures for the 64 mixes hosted on 9778 downloads in total and only a few comments. I make these mixes for myself. There's no need to up them to the net. I just do it on the of chance others might like them too. The number of downloads seems to suggest others do get something from them. The number of comments suggests I'm wasting my time.

Thanks to all who took the time to post a comment or two. I appreciate knowing you appreciate the mixes. Everyone else, you're a cunt. That comment link under each post does actually work, you know.


Anonymous said...

Please continue to upload you mixes. They're awesome!
I like them all, but my favourites are the hip-hop and rap related mixes.

Anonymous said...

Dude,a mate just told me about your stuff, its awesome man, keep up the excellent work... Its much appreciated

sam b said...

mate, dont stop uploading. I know you havent for a while but i found your sight about a month ago and your mixes get me through the work walk, i did look slightly mental busting moves in the street to the prodigy mix. If you have time a skint/big beat mix would be much loved.