Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dunfyboy's DJ Hero Mix

Get it here.
Never did get that mix finished. Sony fixed the PS3 so I got distracted. Well, when I say fixed, I mean they just waited and did fuck all while keeping PS3 owners in the dark. And when I say Sony, I mean useless cunts. It may eventually see the light of day though.
Anyway, still on the games console theme, here's a mix featuring 45 of the tracks used in DJ Hero. It's ripped at 128kbps (as that's what the original files were) and is an hour long. Special thanks to Franglais at MFTM forum for the original files.
01 - Six Days (Remix) vs Annie's Horn - DJ Shadow ft Mos Def vs D-Code
02 - My Name Is vs Loser - Eminem vs Beck
03 - Izzo (HOVA) vs My Name Is - Jay-Z vs Eminem
04 - All Eyez On Me vs Bittersweet Symphony - 2Pac vs The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra
05 - Tutti Frutti vs Beats - Little Richard vs Shlomo
06 - Shout vs Six Days (Remix) - Tears For Fears vs DJ Shadow ft Mos Def
07 - Izzo (HOVA) vs I Want You Back - Jay-Z vs The Jackson 5
08 - Paper Planes vs Eric B Is President - MIA vs Eric B & Rakim
09 - Shut 'Em Down vs Where It's At - Public Enemy vs Beck
10 - Just To Get A Rep vs Shook Ones pt II - Gang Starr vs Mobb Deep
11 - Mr Big Stuff vs Born To Roll - Jean Knight vs Masta Ace
12 - Bittersweet Symphony vs Rock The Bells - The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra vs LL Cool J
13 - Lookin' At Me vs Hey Mama - Wale vs The Black Eyed Peas ft Tippa Irie
14 - I Want You Back vs Semi-Charmed Life - The Jackson 5 vs Third Eye Blind
15 - I Want You Back vs Just To Get A Rep - The Jackson 5 vs Gang Starr
16 - Insane In The Brain vs Spooky - Cypress Hill vs Classics IV
17 - Insane In The Brain vs The Edge - Cypress Hill vs David Axelrod
18 - The Edge vs Eric B Is President - David Axelrod vs Eric B & Rakim
19 - Zulu Nation Throwdown vs Get Down - Afrika Bambaataa vs Freedom Express
20 - Strange Enough vs Theme from Shaft - NASA ft Karen O, ODB & Fatlip vs Isaac Hayes
21 - Da Funk vs Strange Enough - Daft Punk vs NASA ft Karen O, ODB & Fatlip
22 - Play That Funky Music vs Just To Get A Rep - Wild Cherry vs Gang Starr
23 - Fix Up, Look Sharp vs Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul) - Dizzee Rascal vs DJ Shadow
24 - Disco Inferno vs Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - 50 Cent vs Indeep
25 - Hollaback Girl vs Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - Gwen Steffani vs Indeep
26 - Lee Majors Come Again vs Da Funk - Beastie Boys vs Daft Punk
27 - Short Circuit vs Jack Of Spades - Daft Punk vs Boogie Down Productions
28 - Jack Of Spades vs Let's Dance - Boogie Down Productions vs David Bowie
29 - Poison vs Intergalactic - Bell Biv DeVoe vs Beastie Boys
30 - Intergalactic vs Rapture - Beastie Boys vs Blondie
31 - Rockit vs Lapdance - Herbie Hancock vs NERD
32 - Jayou vs Rockit - Jurassic 5 vs Herbie Hancock
33 - Bustin' Loose vs Bust A Move - Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers vs Young MC
34 - Fix Up, Look Sharp vs Genesis - Dizzee Rascal vs Justice
35 - Bring The Noise 20XX vs Genesis - Public Enemy ft Zakk Wylde vs Justice
36 - Here Comes My DJ vs Cars Grandmaster Flash ft DJ Kool & DJ Demo vs Gary Numan
37 - Poison vs Word Up! - Bell Biv DeVoe vs Cameo
38 - Around The World vs Bust A Move - Daft Punk vs Young MC
39 - Shout vs Pjanoo - Tears For Fears vs Eric Prydz
40 - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life vs Word Up! - Indeep vs Cameo
41 - Technologic vs Cars - Daft Punk vs Gary Numan
42 - Ice Ice Baby vs U Can't Touch This - Vanilla Ice vs MC Hammer
43 - Boom Boom Pow vs Satisfaction - Black Eyed Peas vs Benny Benassi
44 - I Heard It Through The Grapevine vs Feel Good Inc - Marvin Gaye vs Gorillaz
45 - Beats & Pieces - The Scratch Perverts

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