Monday, 1 March 2010

Sony are useless cunts

I wasn't planning on doing a mix today. I've been playing about with some breaks and mash ups but I just can't get into it. After a 80 hour week I was planning on spending today on PES 2010 and Borderlands but my PS3 is fucked thanks to the useless cunts at Sony not being able to divide by 4. 

30 million phat PS3s were turned into paperweights at midnight as the internal clocks sent themselves back in time to 1999. It looks as though they can't cope with 29th February only rolling round every 4 years, rather than every 2.

That's just a best guess of course, because Sony are denying the extent of the problem. Their official line is some users can't connect to PSN. Doesn't sound so bad when you put it like that does it? I don't even sign into PSN that often and rarely play online anyway thanks to BT's shitty phonelines. But the fact is that 30 million PS3 owners can't even play offline. Sony have managed to brick 9 billion quids worth of consoles in one fail swoop. 

I don't expect something as technical as a PS3 to run glitch free 100% of the time, but I do expect Sony to admit the scale of the problem and keep its customers up to date with a possible fix rather than leave them all guessing. Internet forums are rife with people pissed of with Sony as they're left wondering if their PS3 are fucked for good as the last word from Sony on the problem was 17 hours ago on Twitter (of all things) and the good old press have charged their greatest investigative journalists with not chasing the story. The Telegraph claims this fuck up is only affecting thousands of people, and the BBC took 16 hours to pretty much just copy and paste Sony's twitter post. This might not make them cunts, but it certainly makes them just as useless.

Rant over.

PS - thanks to the all who've left comments over the past few days. Appreciated as always

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